Nell. Generally a UK size 20. 6’ 2”.

I had to dress up smartly for my mum’s birthday the other week; this was the best I could do! I don’t really DO full-on formal. I felt pretty fabulous in this ensemble, actually.

Paint-splatter dress: size 20, Peacocks. The shoulders are black lace but you can’t see them.

Biker jacket: size 16, George

Tights: size 20-22, ASOS.

Cuban-heeled brogues: size 10, Evans.

Can’t remember where the bag was from, except that it was heinously expensive. #worthit



Look at all the 12 year old girls confused. They’re like wait…. That’s a girl?
Every teen is now queer because of Dani Shay

god bless dani shay

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9 photos of Lee Pace

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Adventure Time “I’m Just Your Problem”
Marshall Lee cover sung by Garrell Woods

Great jazz twist on this song. Very believable Marshall Lee voice too!