i decided, yeah, i could do homework

or i could read the story of gandalf and thorin meeting in appendix a. [x]

richard armitage on 1xtra feat. dick jokes and sexual tension and khuzdul and more dragon noises

[mild spoilers for dos re: how the film starts are edited out, but not so on the 1xtra site]

His hearing has failed, so the guard yells into his ear,
"No one else but you could ever have obtained admittance!
No one else could enter this door! This door was intended only for you!” //

They fled their hall to dying fall 
Beneath his feet, beneath the moon

yeah okay so the second film is basically going to be me looking at thorin and how small he is in comparison to everyone else and not caring

i had three days off from work and i took a shower to kick things off and ended up braiding my hair like thorin oakenshield because why the fuck not

i took it out after three days because as cool as the king under the mountain is, he’s not dress-code compatible and i ended up looking like one of those silly dogs

so basically just imagine thorin looking like a silly dog whenever he takes his hair out of its little braids


I did it again.


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Reporter: You've also said that you're shy at parties.
Richard Armitage: Yeah I am, but once I have a drink inside me I'm not. I get on the dance floor and I'm an animal.