breezeblocks -- female cover


I wanted to do my own take on this song, since it’s been stuck in my head for a while now.

Thanks to Alt-J’s soundcloud page, which is a godsend.

sweater weather


i learned this in maybe five minutes after listening to the song on repeat all day last saturday. the first part isn’t all that difficult? idek. it’s just something quick since i wanted something kind of slower and jazzy.


No Light, No Light — Intro + Harmony //originally by florence + the machine//


Just a random little something I did because the song popped up when I was reading something. I love doing harmonies!

things i shouldn’t stop and do when i read fic

Obedear (acappella)//originally by purity ring//


yeahhhh obscure song time


Bottom of the River Acappella — //originally by delta rae//

I wanted to do this one again because a) I’m not too happy with the last one. I never really was. And b) I have a better quality microphone.

It’s still not the whole song because it’d be so difficult to do. But all the sounds you hear it this are me!

BONUS! There’s some wicked L-R action in the final bit, so if you have headphones, pop ‘em in!

Reblogging because even though I love this one, THERE’S NO DOWNLOAD LINK. Of course I only noticed this once I uploaded it over to my YouTube.

Here’s to hopes you guys go download it! Let me know if you do, yeah?



Trapeze Swinger — (condensed) //originally by iron and wine//



NOTE: This is a shortened version. I had to cut out a few versus because this is a song with a really long runtime (my version’s 9:32), and that’s a really long time to listen to my voice. Anyway, I picked and choose from the verses that I liked the best. Even then, this still has a pretty long runtime (nearly 5 minutes!).

Seriously, you should all get medals if you sit all the way through this.

ffft i can’t remember who’s livestream it was, but fun fact.

i found this song in a porn livestream ehehehehehehe

ohai guys i’m not posting this directly from my saltingdoors music blog because this song hates me and it’s a bad quality.

Normally, I’ll do a music track (guitar, usually) and then a vocal track. But no, I was bored and decided to just record whatever.

so uh

i’ll probably do a good, full version of this sometime when i’m not all tired from singing this 20+ times because why can’t i sound good fml

Heartlines (acoustic) cover — florence + the machine 


The Scientist ::acoustic:: — Coldplay


The preview got such a good response, so here’s full version of this. I actually got around to doing it! Weird, right? 

Download here

okay wait so who wants to help me out here?

i guess i’m doing this talent competition thing and they have a huge first prize that would seriously help with college and would basically pay for my english class during the summer and hell, maybe even a new guitar or amp, but still.

think for a second.

if you’ve heard me sing or something (i’m sorry for your ears HA), what song do you like the best? guitar and vocal, no karaoke-style stuff

i just really have no idea what to do. hell, even if it’s a song i haven’t done, would fit my voice, and has a relatively easy guitar part, shoot me the name and artist.

there’s a huge list here if you can’t remember the name of a song or just want to see them again.

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Acapella Harmonies


Really just me messing around and layering a bunch of different tracks to do some harmonies. 

There’s only two because they take so long, particularly since I was able to squeeze out the Bass and Tenor parts in the second one, but I think they came out pretty cool!

The two songs in this are Listen to the Rain by Evanescence and the opening part of If I Loved You from Carousel