Being Human Meme: 2/4 Characters - John Mitchell

“Things move and shift and then settle again. It’s like those - what are those snowstorm things called?”
“Right. Well, them. You shake them and it’s all mad, and then it settles again. That’s what time is like.”

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Cousin Bifur teaching baby Bofur the fine art of pine cone cows.

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fuck i just looked at the clock and my eyes got really wide and i turned to the homework laying on my bed so fast my neck cracked

i’ve been singing “i’m on a boat” for the past thirty minutes and it’s a quarter to one

Round 1, Gen, Proper Response, (emotional breakdown)


Prompt: Bunny is used to trading barbs with Jack, so when he makes a particularly mean spirited joke about how no one can see him, he’s expecting Jack to insult him back like he always does. He doesn’t expect him to break down into tears. Like actual, shuddering, messy, undignified, gasping-for-breath, can’t-talk-properly sobbing.

bonus: Jack reflexively curls in and hugs himself when he starts crying, because he’s never had anyone hold him during a breakdown before

Fill: Proper Response

Only have eyes for Disney *.*



The Lion King


The Nightmare Before Christmas

Alice in Wonderland

Snow White

The artist who made all of these contacted me, I think she’s absolutely AMAZING, but you should see for yourselves in or  :) Congratulations for your talent sweety! ;)

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“Sometimes I think I am just a machine that believes it’s a kid named Victor Stone.”

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…Garth doesn’t have any beefs

Think about that

People make fun of Garth constantly, openly, without shame

Garth is mocked

Garth is laughed at

But Garth knows everyone had their reasons

Garth understands

More than anything, Garth is sympathetic, even when he maybe shouldn’t be

Garth guys


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I’m quite positive that expression in the third gif is David Tennant, not The Doctor, trying not to cry.

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