Okay, so I have this obsession fascination with binaural audio (3D sound). I was very bored, so I tried to convert an existing audio file to emulate 3D sound. I think the end result sounds pretty cool. Headphones are required!

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why do moms get so pissed about how many empty water bottles you have in your room 

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Say what you want about avatar, but at least it has multiple examples of the avatar being women and/or PoC, unlike a certain other show with a reincarnating character who somehow is always a white guy. 

Avatar is ALL POC (based on Asian and Indigenous cultures, yo)

But they ain’t tryin to hear you doe

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The Hobbit: Chronicles DoS sneak peak from Weta Workshop’s facebook page

"Here is a first glimpse inside the 3rd book in our series The Hobbit Chronicles pre-order your signed copy direct from Weta and win Dragon’s Gold

Jesus they look intimidating

got damn Thranduil doesn’t fuck around

Armor porn. 

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Uncalled for.

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the parting glass — almighty johnsons/zombie apocalypse au

“It started about three years ago,” Ty explained and took a seat at the wooden table, across from his grandfather. “Just things on the news about riots in London, then America. We didn’t think it would get to us, but Mike came out here anyway.  Just in case.”  Ty swallowed hard and looked down. “No one really knows when the outbreak made it here, but it spread like wildfire. Mike and Anders were coming to get me when Val…” He took a moment to gather himself again. “You don’t die. You just come back, but you’re not you. None of us really believed it until Val. She nearly killed Anders before Mike pulled the trigger.” Ty shook his head and sighed. “Axl says its his fault. That if he found Frigg before all this, we could have stopped it. I just wish he could have been a kid a little longer.”

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For anyone who wanted to know where in The Hobbit Sir Peter Jackson made an appearance, here it is.

He’s one of the dwarves fleeing Erebor.

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And here’s all of them together. (also I fixed Bifur because I fucked up on him initially LET THIS BE A LESSON TO YOU don’t upload things at 2 AM lmfao)

This has been extremely fun and headache inducing but I’m so happy with the end product. Used mostly the WETA artbook and the poster shots as cross references to each other. (and why yes the BG map is also from WETA don’t look at me like that I just finished drawing 14 designs). This looks so impressive when they’re all together hahaha

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