for Caroline who's in desperate need of Richard wearing glasses 。◕‿◕。

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Cynthia Addai-Robinson as Laegoleth—a Sindarin Elf and daughter of King Thranduil, princess of the realm of Mirkwood and member of the Fellowship. Her superior sight, hearing, lightness of foot, and unrivaled skill in archery was an invaluable asset during the War of the Ring. She fought bravely beside Queen Arawend at the Battles of Pelennor Fields and Morannon, and remained in Minas Tirith to witness the coronation. Afterwards, she traveled throughout Middle Earth, accompanied by Gimli, daughter of Gloin. Together they beheld many the wonders of Middle Earth, including Fangorn Forest and the Glittering Caves.

Upon the death of Queen Elessar, Laegoleth sailed West to Valinor with fast friend Gimli at her side.

(part of the series YOU LOOK UPON A WOMAN, a project which reimagines Lord of the Rings with a cast of women of color)

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Beorn Make-up test

I have to practice a lot XD

It has lasted 2 hours (nothing compared to Thorin make up).
And is more comfortable while wearing a lot (just makes the post while still on the makeup has) ^-^I am dissatisfied with the hair, I have to again re-cut (I use a wig because everything sist me).

In Beorns make-up I do not elaborate on the stick from the tulle because I wanted to have a cosplay where I do not sweat and do not need six hours to get ready for me. Ich mag den Charakter Beorn und möchte ihn nicht beleidigen oder ähnliches.I will continue to practice diligently to the transition from beard to face better retouching ^-^

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Monster - Meg Myers

I cannot get enough of this girl’s voice.

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welcome to night vale genderswap pt 3

lucy liu as cecilia
gina torres as carla

[pt 1[pt 2]

I’m gonna cry why do you guys do this to me?

I literally broke out in goosebumps


I love the piano. I love the cello. I also love the score from LoTR and The Hobbit. Mush all that together, and you have a beautiful piece from The Piano Guys [x].

all shall love me and d e s p a i r 
{Queen Ravenna as fem!Sauron}

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Model: Jacqueline-Elizabeth Cottrell (Kurosune Suicide), 24, (

Location: Los Angeles, California

Fashion Designer: Marika Soderlund-Robison (Kickacustom Design INC

Hair by: Tiphanie Grace (

Event: Los Angeles Fashion Week, 2013

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