girls fighting evil » that’s just the way i smile: a mix for femme fatales

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[so sure, they’re not exactly paradigms of the good and pure. but they are still part of humanity and they will not let the crawling demons eat their families. the only way this world is going to burn is if they’re lighting the match.]

1. the phoenix - fall out boy (you are a brick tied to me that’s dragging me down, strike a match and i’ll burn you to the ground)

2. cannibal queen - miniature tigers (comin’ for your heart like a cannibal, oh, she lets me right in and i fed ‘til i’m full)

3. take it like a man - dragonette (yeah, i get a little crazy with the razor blades, go on and call your mama if you need a band-aid)

4. control - poe (well, you may be king for the moment, but i am a queen, understsand, and i’ve got your pawns and your bishops and castles all inside the palm of my hand)

5. dull life - yeah yeah yeahs (we sing the nightmare of the lies that you speak, the beast that i lie beneath is coming in)

6. seven devils - florence & the machine (holy water cannot help you now, see i’ve come to burn your kingdom down)

7. toxic valentine - all time low (she’s got a target painted on her back, and keeps a list of the qualities a good girl lacks)

8. murdermile - the kills (this ain’t murdermile, that’s just the way i smile)

9. serial killer - lana del rey (my black fire’s burning bright, maybe i’ll go out tonight, we can paint the town in blue)


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please don’t leave me // p!nk


i actually think i’ve only heard this song maybe once, aside from on the radio. but i’m keeping the blog active with this little, uh….call it a soundbite?

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there’s something really dangerous about writing while listening to music with lyrics

breezeblocks -- female cover


I wanted to do my own take on this song, since it’s been stuck in my head for a while now.

Thanks to Alt-J’s soundcloud page, which is a godsend.




since I’ve never seen someone actually post the song on tumblr




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ok this song is basically mambo no. 5 but wow i love it and i can’t stop right now

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Because I’m Tired Of Hearing “Jingle Bells”

aka i did a thINg. 

I decided to make a Christmas Holiday compilation album for all of us non-traditionalists out there. Really, I consider myself a person of the new age, and I really think that’s reflected in these emotional words and lyrics.



Hanukkah Song — Adam Sandler

Suck On My Cock — Matt Rogers

Don’t Shoot Me Santa — The Killers

Dick In A Box (Feat. Justin Timerlake) — The Lonely Island

O Holy Night — Eric Cartman

Happy Holidays, You Bastard — Blink 182

Walking ‘Round In Women’s Underwear — Bob Rivers

A Christmas Story — Snoop Dogg



radioactive — acoustic cover //originally by imagine dragons//


LIVE FAST (Listen/Download// DIE SLOW (Listen/Download)

Two mixes for rough and lazy sex
Featuring songs by: Andrés Cabas · Anya Marina · Arctic Monkeys · Bat For Lashes · Bedouin Soundclash · The Black Keys · Black Rebel Motorcycle Club · Blur · Bright Eyes · Comet Gain · Cruel Black Dove · The Dandy Warhols · Feist · Flunk · Foals · Goldfrapp · The Hives · IAMX · Isobel Campbell & Mark Lane · Jet · Kanye West · The Kills · Kings of Leon · The Kinks · Kleerup · Oasis · Portishead · Radiohead · Ryan Adams · Sia · Soda Stereo · The Subways · The Postal Service · Thecocknbullkid · Yael Naïm · Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Reblogging again because the Live Fast playlist is really fucking awesome.

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I just had a haircut. A virtual haircut. The amazing power of the brain. Listen with your headphones on.