Kate Kane // Batwoman
The bat they shine in the sky…civilians think it’s a call for help. The bad guys think it’s warning. But it’s more than that. It’s something higher. It’s a call to arms…I’ve found my way to serve. I finally found a way to serve.

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Superheroes are f&#*ing badass:

 Kate Kane/Batwoman


by anne-lise nalin

Something tells me that after this, Selina is going to be wondering why she ever bothered with Bruce ;D

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My mixed media illustration of Detective Renee Montoya, Detective Romy Chandler and Captain Maggie Sawyer of Gotham Central ready to take back the city. Illustration created for Women of Wonder Day 2012! All proceeds go to a wonderful cause!

This is simply wonderful!

Holy crap… it’s the comic Gotham deserves.


Yasmin Liang’s Elizabethan Batwoman

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Kate Kane

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Batwoman has sensible, awesome red boots with the bat symbol on the bottom so it embeds in her enemies’ faces.

I NEED THESE BOOTS. And thank you DC for getting some tiny female costume detail right.

You just know that there are many criminal wandering around Gotham with a bat shape stamped on their faces.

And Batwoman is very particular about her boots. Finally, writers and artists who realise that some things just aren’t practical at all, no matter how much others want to shove women into high heels all the time. 

Not only is there a Bat Shape, there is also a ‘W’ in the heel. This is why Kate’s character design is my favourite in comics.


never-ending list of hair porn

I think she is the most beautiful woman in DC…. actually it’s a tie between her and Rose Wilson.

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My Top 5 Badass Females of the DCnU
#2 Batwoman A.K.A. Kate Kane

“I’m going to make you cry for your mother, freak”(Batwoman #6)

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I just. Really like sketching hair.