aidan whispering to dean at cons (◡‿◡✿) (x) (x)

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My take on Ori from KivrinEngle’s Sons of Durin AU. I wanted him to be a cross between dwarf!Ori and IRL!Adam Brown. He looks like he came right out of the college tram or something XD 

Sons of Durin »

"i almost threw up when i went into that pairing tag like wtf why did they go there with it”

hey do you know what u should do


here’s a hint

maybe you should

maybe you should blacklist it

or just not go into the tag at all if you’re gonna impulsively vomit all over whenever you see a couple characters fucking



I gave in.



Martin Freeman: some lesser known roles in This Life, I Just Want to Kiss You, Bruiser, Men Only, Hardware, The Robinsons, The All Together, Nightwatching, The Good Night, Boy Meets Girl.



Not a trace of John Watson here.  No tongue flick.  No clenched jaw, no stiff shoulders, no balled fists.  No leading with his hips.  No tension lurking under the surface, waiting to explode as a giggle or a punch.  No wry, mischievous smile.  And yet I find this fellow to be quite charming.  It seems there’s room in my heart for him too (as if I had a doubt).

oh, just boil it down to the awful truth we all discovered that day.

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hey tumblr I heard you like puppies

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Benedict Cumberbatch and Misha Handley in a scene from Parade’s End episode 2.

Airing tonight at 9:00 p.m. on BBC 2!

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Bath time.

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