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If dwarves were elves… Oin, Gloin and mini-Gimli

Already done: Balin, Dwalin, Dori, Nori, Ori and Bifur, Bofur, Bombur

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class of 2258 - a mix for life at starfleet academy.

diane young - vampire weekend, zero - yeah yeah yeahs, young doctors in love - digital leather, safe and sound - capital cities, digital love - daft punk, closer than this - st. lucia, time of my life - ms mr, catch me - the jezabels, home (rac remix) - edward sharpe & the magnetic zeroes, midnight city - m83

bonus: sabotage (alex metric re-edit) - the beastie boys

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Dean O’Gorman strutting

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favorite quotes|Jim Kirk
— request by Anon.

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Here you go! Muse feat. Lemongrab - The 2nd Law: Unacceptable

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Why didn’t the Eagles just take the Fellowship directly to Mordor?

  1. Eagles are very proud and noble creatures who refused to get involved in the wars of men. Gandalf was only able to ride them because he was a Maiar, a semi-divine spirit, who the Lord of the Eagles, Gwaihir, owed a favor because Gandalf had once saved him from a poisoned arrow.
  2. The Fellowship was supposed to travel in secret. Sauron only knew that the Ring had left Gollum’s cave for the Shire, and was now somewhere else. Large eagles flying into Mordor would have tipped off Sauron and, most importantly, the Nazgul, which no creature could out-maneuver. The Nazgul would have killed the eagles and taken the Ring to Sauron.

FUCKING THANK YOU!  When people make this stupid argument I just


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