In all seriousness, everyone got hurt on this movie. Everyone was scarred and everyone went through, you know, a little bit of physical kind of pain. But if you’re talking about something life-changing, something huge, you know, something that really had a deep effect on all of us; not only the person that it happened to, but the crew and most of the Western Hemisphere… Orlando breaking his rib was huge.

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Bernard Hill at set of LOTR


You are famous because of this. Because of your eyes. [x]

Things that made me laugh in Lord of the Rings Appendices [x] - Billy talking about Viggo and his tolerance to pain

Things that made me laugh in Lord of the Rings Appendices [x] - Billy and Dom’s Table Game

‘Hans Jensen’: “So, to Frodo. On page 720 of The Lord of the Rings there’s a quote from Frodo. He says ‘In a world filled with mirth and magic, you lose time in yourself.’ You… you agree with this comment?”


Elijah Wood: “‘You lose time within yourself… yeah, that’s interesting.”

‘Hans Jensen’: “You begin to forget… yourself… I think.”

Elijah Wood: “Yes, and I think that’s exactly what Frodo goes through, because ultimately, by the end of Frodo’s journey, he doesn’t have-“

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“Like I’ve never been kissed from man or woman, and by god, I saw stars… and I think I fell in love for a split second, and then I felt a bit sick.

“I think, I’m not saying, I think I felt tongue.”