please don’t leave me // p!nk


i actually think i’ve only heard this song maybe once, aside from on the radio. but i’m keeping the blog active with this little, uh….call it a soundbite?

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breezeblocks -- female cover


I wanted to do my own take on this song, since it’s been stuck in my head for a while now.

Thanks to Alt-J’s soundcloud page, which is a godsend.

i shouldn’t have watched pitch perfect

Of Pluto’s Moon // originally by My Brightest Diamond


Just the ending bits of the song so I could practice some more classically influenced things. Wow, it’s been a long time since I did anything remotely like this. orz

sweater weather


i learned this in maybe five minutes after listening to the song on repeat all day last saturday. the first part isn’t all that difficult? idek. it’s just something quick since i wanted something kind of slower and jazzy.


radioactive — acoustic cover //originally by imagine dragons//


Far Over The Misty Mountains (Cold) :female cover:The “Dwarf Song” from The Hobbit trailer

it’s midnight and i’ve finished my lotr marathon so obviously the logical thing to do iS GEAR UP FOR THE HOBBIT WITH SOME DWARVEN SONGS YEAHHHHH


Angels — Guitar/Vocal Cover //originally by the xx//


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To the Supernatural Fandom


No Light, No Light — Intro + Harmony //originally by florence + the machine//


Just a random little something I did because the song popped up when I was reading something. I love doing harmonies!

things i shouldn’t stop and do when i read fic