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Aragorn shows that Palantir who’s boss.

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here he is

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i’m on a journey of self-discovery

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monsteroll: 038 by Armand Baltazar | Master Artist and Storyteller

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Khaled Al-saai, uses Arabic calligraphy as the basis for expressing his emotions and thoughts; ultimately breaking down the formal relationship between the words and their meanings. The letters immediately explode onto the canvas and are intertwined in a variety of colours and shapes; largely inspired by the artist’s experiences of architecture, landscapes and the overall environment, evoking different sensations amongst the viewer. This ultimately allows the viewer to look ‘beyond the words’ in my opinion and see the calligraphy as a medium for expression.

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It’s so cute the way Hermione is trying to make friends in this scene. And even sad because she’s ignored twice.

Actually what I love about this is she’s looking at an older student’s work. And I think that’s a Slytherin girl? Yeah it is. (props for whoever put that Slytherin and Gryffindor study session together, btw.) anyway what I love is she’s kind of going around to different kinds of kids. Older Slytherin girl, the Gryffindor boys. How much do you want to bet she was following Ravenclaws around before this? Or trying to make friends with the Patils, or other Gryffindor girls?

Hermione’s the most like any of us than Harry or Ron, I think. She’s the book-girl, the one who probably spent the majority of her childhood sitting in a corner reading while the rest of the class was busy socializing. She probably felt like all of us have felt at some point- like they were different, like they didn’t belong; and they WHOA! Lo and behold, turns out she IS different! She’s a Witch! She’s special, she’s got magic, and she’s going to a place where she’s like everyone else! We all dreamed about it, we all WANTED that, we all wanted to go away to a place where we were a part of something that made sense, a place that we fit- and then she still can’t make friends. And maybe she looks at the red and gold tie and wonders if the Hat put her in the wrong place. Like maybe that Lion on her chest should be an Eagle. She knows she’s the brainiac, she knows it, she says it- Books, cleverness. What must it be like to get what you dreamed of- that you are special and have a place you belong- and then to believe you were put in the wrong place once you got there?

I mean we know, in the end, Hermione’s a Gryffindor. She embodies the strong, brave, brilliant witch that gives pride to the house- but nobody starts out the way they end up. Until Halloween of that first year, she was a lonely little girl with books. Everyone saw her as the bossy, opinionated, know-it-all when I think really she was just trying to bond with people the only way she knew how. With facts, and people see it as being rude when she’s just ridiculous honest and is too young to know how to channel that honesty in a constructive way.

God I don’t even know if I ever had a point with this but FUCK I love Hermione.