this was the best filler episode of all time.

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Sokka channelling his inner Kataang shipper. 

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Part of the Aang!AU [Click here!] | Aang’s temple brothers from a long lost era. (Top to bottom: Chodak, a protector, from the Western Air Temple; Setu, a mentor, from the Eastern Air Temple; Karpok, a bison herder, from the Southern Air Temple.)


We had the idea for the lion-turtle early in the series and always knew he would play an important role in helping Aang unlock his skill that would help him defeat the Fire Lord. The lion-turtle is the oldest creature in the Avatar world, from a time that predates the Avatar and bending. We planted the mythic creature's image in a few places throughout the series. It first appeared in the pilot episode's main title, then later Aang saw a picture of one in "The Library," and there were also lion turtle statues around the grounds of Piandao's castle.(Avatar The Last Airbender - The Art of The Animated Series. )



I’m going to start finding YouTube clips of Avatar to practice drawing the same characters over and over with different facial expressions, which I think will improve my drawing in general. 

then I decided to do a thing and draw an older version of Sokka with a classic expression

Now that’s sokka

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I’m done writing meta on why I ship it, so please don’t add meta to my artwork. I figure all the work’s already been done, now all we need are some visuals.

Untitled “This Is Why I Ship It” art, with artistic liberty.

Click on the source to see the full thing on DeviantArt.


My boyfriend had never seen Avatar, so I finally made him watch the series with me.  It was fun watching it again, and it made me want to do some fanart, so here’s Katara!

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Hm. Haven’t fanarted in a while. So here’s Suki with a pair of killer chopsticks. Because she was such a bamf in the Boiling Rock. 


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Katara: The paranoid one is my brother, Sokka.

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Aang/Korra Parallels

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