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i learned this in maybe five minutes after listening to the song on repeat all day last saturday. the first part isn’t all that difficult? idek. it’s just something quick since i wanted something kind of slower and jazzy.


radioactive — acoustic cover //originally by imagine dragons//


Angels — Guitar/Vocal Cover //originally by the xx//


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I posted about this earlier, but I wanted some updated versions of the songs I have in mind. Mostly for myself to listen at and try and choose one for an upcoming audition. But, I believe that one of the best things anyone can have is an outside opinion.

The quality’s ehhh and I mess up a bit (there’s also a couple bits where my computer froze and it skipped a bit, so I got it all, man), but it’s enough for me and possibly others to get an idea.

They both fit the 2:30 requirement, so that works out well. Now I just have choose one.

First song is Heartlines by Florence + The Machine and the second is Soul Meets Body by Death Cab For Cutie.

Really, if you guys have a couple minutes, it’d mean a lot if you could let me know which one you prefer~ <3


No Light, No Light — Intro + Harmony //originally by florence + the machine//


Just a random little something I did because the song popped up when I was reading something. I love doing harmonies!

things i shouldn’t stop and do when i read fic


Heartlines [Acoustic] — Cover ::originally by florence + the machine::


Finally! I’m pretty proud of the way this turned out, and I hope you all like it. It has a longer runtime than the acoustic version on Ceremonials because I slowed it down a bit.


yeah okay i reblog my own stuff like a loser i dON’T CARE FIGHT ME


Trapeze Swinger — (condensed) //originally by iron and wine//



NOTE: This is a shortened version. I had to cut out a few versus because this is a song with a really long runtime (my version’s 9:32), and that’s a really long time to listen to my voice. Anyway, I picked and choose from the verses that I liked the best. Even then, this still has a pretty long runtime (nearly 5 minutes!).

Seriously, you should all get medals if you sit all the way through this.

ffft i can’t remember who’s livestream it was, but fun fact.

i found this song in a porn livestream ehehehehehehe


Cosmic Love ::acoustic:: //originally by Florence + The Machine//


So instead of going and seeing The Avengers like I wanted, I hooked up my mic and went nuts.

I don’t know why I insist on covering a band like Florence + The Machine. Jeeeze.

dear santa: bring me a new microphone nine months early please for the love of everything


The Scientist ::acoustic:: — Coldplay


The preview got such a good response, so here’s full version of this. I actually got around to doing it! Weird, right? 

Download here