the hobbit: there and back again —-> the hobbit: into the fire??


surrounded: a (chill) mix
for the eldest who know what they potentially might become;
for the ones who aren’t whole when by themselves;
when the other half is on the edge of death;
but mostly for when you need to breath and think about when things were so much simpler 

eyyy i found a new fic for those who have an unexpected addiction to hobbit au fic featuring aragorn and legolas!

i’m only a chapter in but it looks like much hilarity and a really interesting way the whole mirkwood-and-forth scenario could’ve gone


i found my favourite subtitled cap from the auj appendices

bless his little cotton socks


i found my favourite subtitled cap from the auj appendices

where are the gifs of ken stott dropping a cracker into a sleeping mark hadlow’s mouth and then trying to get it out

i decided, yeah, i could do homework

or i could read the story of gandalf and thorin meeting in appendix a. [x]

shit guys so if you’re like me and have this thing for zombie and/or apocalypse au’s then let me direct you to this

imagine bard making da jokes. ‘da i’m starving’ ‘hi starving i’m da’ ‘no da seriously we dont have any food’


still trying to figure out when it’s appropriate to stop tagging dos spoilers