oh i wonder what that i—


I may have tried their styles too and not just clothes, just as an experiment, mind you. But that’s a different story.

[OOC Note:] The pink dress is from a wonderful fanart that I got from an Anonfan:

And I think I saw “Pitch Gold” first time in here so credit for that:


More fabulous boards from my buddy Javi Recio.

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To even think I would be the one doing any shoveling…



What an adorable dream. What’s more powerful? It’s fear.

So I was thinking about what pitch would look like as a woman, and then this happened.


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Into the shadows- unused storyboard panels.

As Dave Derrick said in his recent post (, scenes rarely stay unchanged during production. I didn’t pick the most exciting panels, but they had been a lot of fun to draw, figuring out how to best show Pitch disappearing-melting back into the shadows.


Here’s the winner of the raffle, Guardians and Pitch Trick-or-Treating on Halloween!

Bunnymund’s and Pitch’s costumes sponsored by Sandy, pretty obvious choices there. Also I attached the costumes as a little transparent .png if anyone wants those.


And who do you even think inspired Burton in the first place?

I don’t know if I’ll ever finish this. It started as just wanted to make a creepy Pitch (originally I had him bald and was going to have him standing over Jack and the whole thing was less bright), but it turned into feels. again.

when will i draw something that isn’t grey or rotg? the world may never know.

Look me in the eye and tell me Pitch doesn’t remind you of Slenderman. :| 

The fifth image of this concept art set kind of spurred me.