In Jan 2007, the Central New York Ghost Hunters or CNYGH for short, were invited to investigate an old hotel in upstate New York. (The owners of the hotel have asked to keep its location confidential.) The investigation proved to be one of the most intensely active the group has ever encountered, and produced an EVP – an electronic voice phenomena recording – that is remarkable not only for its length, but also for its terrifying content. CYNGH stayed overnight and thats when it all started, this was the most active investigation they ever had, footsteps, noises, moving objects you name it, it happened.

This EVP is not edited in any way except that it is shortened for time purposes.

What you will hear

  • Door slamming (actually happened)
  • Unknown woman say “get off me!!!”
  • A struggle occurs
  • Screaming
  • Male voice say “Help me” Several times

The funny and creepy thing is that when they recorded this under the stairway all they really heard was footsteps.When the noises stop, you hear the investigators participate in a lulled conversation. They stated that they started to talk when the noises stopped. In their conversation, you will hear a male voice say, ‘Help me’ several times.”
This gives me chills….freaks me the hell out  

Probably the most violent EVP you will ever hear.

It is a bit over 10mins.

  • Idris Elba as James Bond
  • Richard Ayoade as Q

(Source: theworldismyoysterrr)