A little cosplay/mashup action I thought might be fun in the spirit of the comic con season ;o) Wonder Korra and Super Asami…to the rescue! (Totally off model, I know!) 

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i think about this concept art of bolin a lot 


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“You have the most beautiful hair, Korra..”

“Really? Thanks..That means a lot, y’know, coming from someone who’s so pretty”

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Uh oh it’s suave korra again

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I.. I don’t even know.

Aang/Korra Parallels

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I assume that Tenzin’s siblings liked to make fun of his crush on the little bei fong, but Lin is having none of their shiz…


You know what I would’ve loved?

Korra being the one to tell Asami that she kissed Mako and apologizing for it.

I also would’ve loved if she and Korra had to share rooms while Asami was staying over at Air Temple Island and they actually got girl time.

I want my girl time.

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