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surrounded: a (chill) mix
for the eldest who know what they potentially might become;
for the ones who aren’t whole when by themselves;
when the other half is on the edge of death;
but mostly for when you need to breath and think about when things were so much simpler 


i found my favourite subtitled cap from the auj appendices

bless his little cotton socks


some in-progress shots while i cry about all the things i have to do this week and wonder why the fuck there weren’t enough brown colour at the uni bookstore

finally starts drawing more
the week a metric fucktonne of shit is due

i need more super rad viking ladies who will wink at you and use your distraction to fucking gut you, wear your blood as a mask, and then maybe go home and teach some kids to not have shitty sword stances

Elizabeth! Are you dead?

I think I am.

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His hearing has failed, so the guard yells into his ear,
"No one else but you could ever have obtained admittance!
No one else could enter this door! This door was intended only for you!” //

the continuation of dori1

yoooo this was floating around and i felt it sounded more dwarf-y than the original so obv i had to try my hand