this game is why I have trust issues

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Explosion (by SPC Photographic)

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Richard Armitage tidbits at Hobbitcon


While most of the focus on Richard has been at Wondercon (and deservedly so), those at Hobbitcon haven’t forgotten him! A few tidbits from various panels:

Dean O’Gorman said one of his favorite scenes was the one in Laketown with Thorin, when Fili decides to stay with Kili. Dean said not only was it a great scene for his character, but he liked being able to work with RA so closely for a whole scene.

Ken Stott, when asked what it was like working with Richard: “Richard is not a leader of dwarves but a leader of men.” He said RA is a fine man and a fine actor, and that they worked very similarly, wanting to focus on the scene before it’s shot, which usually meant they were often off on their own before a scene.

Graham’s answer to the same question: he also spoke about how RA’s process is different so he was often away from the other actors before a scene (which we’ve heard Graham mention before), but he said off set, RA was warm and had a great sense of humor and was “gently funny.”

Adam Brown really hates fish, to the point of almost having a phobia; RA knew this, so that’s why Adam calls him a bastard in that behind-the-scenes clip where RA throws the fish into Adam’s barrel.

Mark Atkin, RA’s scale double, said RA would prepare Mark for a scene by not only showing him how Thorin would move, but also what Thorin was thinking at that moment and what would motivate him. RA would always stay and watch Mark’s takes and would give feedback, encourage him, and thank him for doing a good job. Mark said he knew how much Thorin meant to RA, and in the beginning, he knew RA had a hard time “letting go” of Thorin for Mark’s scenes. But Mark knew he had succeeded in gaining RA’s trust during the scene with Thranduil: before Mark stepped in (after carefully observing RA as per usual when he first ran through the scene), Mark asked RA how to do a certain movement, and RA told him to just go with it and have fun with it. Mark concluded by saying RA was always friendly and helpful and is a wonderful actor. He said he will always have a part of Thorin, and thus Richard, in his acting repertoire, as he is now pursuing acting and stunt work full-time.

One more tidbit from Mark: the prosthetic mask that he had to wear was so realistic that many times when he was sitting in the makeup chair with it on, a few people would mistake him for Richard! And he said that’s not a bad thing, to be mistaken for Richard Armitage.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug + Locations | Part III

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sleepy Aidan is sleepy

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kili + pain

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i could go to sleep sure but that instant coffee i had at 2 pm just kicked in and i haven’t seen red


Sprouts are delicious in salads and sandwiches.









I will never not love dog texts.

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